Panama Immigration and Legal Services.

We help International Entrepeneurs and investors relocate to panama, protect their assets and grow their wealth.

Since 2012, Serving International Clients in their Legal Transactions in Panama.

Legal Services At Your Disposal

Corporations and Fundations

We register corporations and private interest foundations for the protection of your assets and support in your international financial strategy.


Ensure your long-term success with a second residence visa in Panama.

Protect your family from political and economic uncertainty.

We support you in obtaining your legal residence and in relocating your family.

Real Estate Investment

We support you in the search for properties with a return on investment with our real estate broker.

Legal and administrative due diligence of the property to guarantee a safe purchase.

Legal protection of your property.

Testimonials about Us and Panama.

I moved to Panama to be able to live in a Place where i would never need an air conditioner or heater again. I found exactly that in Boquete with the added bonues of spectacular scenery all year. 

Henry and Ingrid made that a reality with constant information and guidance i recieved my permit wihtout complications. 

Donald. Z

From Canada

We were exhausted from politics, tired of the random gun violence and didint want to pay outrageous monhthly health insurance premiuns (not yet eligible for medicare). Id already lived internationally when i was younger. We enjoy the culture, peolple and slower pace.

Kati. C

From U.S.A.

I can live a quality of life on my self employment income. Healthcare is affordable, climate is perfect. No savage fires like in CA. No mass shootings. Stable country, nice people, low stress life.

Cynthia V.

From U.S.A

Used Henry for a property purchase and a E-Cedula. He is english spoken and very knowleadgable about all things real estate.

Mark. D

From U.S.A.

Ingrid fue muy meticulosa en todo mis documentos y proceso en migración.

Mi solicitud fue aprobada y estoy feliz viviendo en una ciudad segura y cerca de todo.

Alejandra B.

De Bolivia

Henry es muy conocedor de la ley en Panamá, nos asistió con migración y transacciones de vivienda. Recomiendo a a cualquiera que necesite un abogado que use a Henry para estas especialidades.

Jonathan S.

De Colombia

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Considering You're Looking At Legal Solutions In Panama You May Be Wondering:

Who is Henry Ferguson and How Can his law Office Fullfill your Legal Transactions in Panama:

Henry Ferguson

Panama Lawyer

My name is Henry Ferguson, our team es specialized in helping international clients with their legal transactions in Panama.

Corporate Lawyer.

Our resume includes:

Graduated from the University of Panama with a Degree in Law and Political Science
Suitability to Practice Law 15,120.
Master's degree in Commercial Law.
More than 10 years as a lawyer in Panama.

Work History and Other Information:

More than 10 years of practicing law.
Partnerships with insurance firms and real estate agencies.

Dedicated department in Intellectual Property.
In 2012 Ferguson & Ferguson started its legal practice, serving mainly international clients.
These experiences allow us to have a holistic view of what our customers want and need.
Take advante of the access that you can only get with a boutique law office.

Meet The Team

bienes raíces panama

Franklin Ferguson

Real Estate Broker

Karina Soler

Legal Director - Immigration

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