Year-round warm weather, varied scenery, excellent and affordable healthcare options …

Panama for years have been the favorite destinations for expats.

Among the most sought after places to live are Boquete and Volcán for their good climate.

If you like beach communities, Coronado and other places west of the City are very liked.

But, if you are looking for a metropolitan life, the Panama City is your choice:

  • With excellent infrastructures,
  • an affordable healthcare system and
  • a less hectic lifestyle than in other countries.

Panama as a destination of residence offers you the following benefits and advantages:

  • Warm tropical climate throughout the year, so you can get away from those cold winter months, which means a more comfortable and happy life.
  • Beautiful landscapes: Beaches, islands, mountains, rainforests, this isthmus has it all;
  • A modern city that competes with any other renowned city;
  • An international airport with direct flights to a significant number of countries.
  • It is a safe, politically stable and business-friendly country;
  • A strong economy with stable growth;
  • World-class healthcare;
  • No income tax on foreign income and property tax is extremely low.
  • With only around $ 2,000 a month a couple can live comfortably in Panama. (including rent)

Day-to-day activities that are fundamental to those who evaluate Panama as a destination of residence:

✔ Panama is a hurricane-free country, where you can live happily on a beach without fear of impactful weather events, which means a life with little stress and peace.

✔ It has a modern infrastructure including Internet services, cell phones, roads, public transport to mention a few;

✔ The water is drinkable, you can consume it from the tap almost anywhere;

✔ Currency is the US dollar;

✔ English is widely spoken;

✔ Resident visas are easy to qualify for various nationalities;

✔ Pensionado Visa is best retiree program in the world that helps you greatly reduce your cost of living.

That is why it is estimated that some 35,000 foreigners have chosen to retire to Panama.

They will tell you that the reason they love Panama is something that cannot really be measured.

That is why Panamanians (myself included) are not seen leaving Panama in large numbers.

Benefits of the Permanent Residence Program for Pensionados.

The residence permit for pensionados is one of the easiest to apply for.

You can see the requirements by clicking on this link.

In this article you will learn about the benefits offered by this program:

  • 50% discount on entertainment, such as movies, theaters, concerts and sporting events, anywhere in the country
  • 50% discount on hotel stays from Monday to Thursday
  • 30% off discount on hotel stays from Friday to Sunday
  • 30% discount on transportation rates
  • 25% discount on plane tickets
  • 25% discount on restaurants
  • 20% discount on medical consultations
  • 20% discount on professional and technical services
  • 15% discount on hospital bills (if insurance is not applied)
  • 15% discount onservices dentaland eye exams
  • 10% discount on prescription and over-the-counter drugs

Real Estate in Panama

Currently Panama is in a real estate market downward extremely favorable for buyers. (A buyers market)

Therefore, both for purchase and rent, there are tremendously economical housing options in premium areas of the city and even more so on the beaches.

We are associated with Grupo Tribaldos, one of the most recognized agencies in Panama where they can assist you in finding the best options according to your specific requirements.

Long Story short, Panama is the destination of many expats from different parts of the world who have decided to have a stable life, with a low-cost health system and a good climate.