Living in Panama is an extremely popular option for people from all over the world, in this article you will learn why and the best places to live in Panama.

Why live in Panama you may ask?

When it comes to retiring in Panama, it is the best location in Latin America.

The consistent climate, affordable healthcare system, the security and stability of the country have resonated with thousands of expats.

There are numerous amounts of benefits to retirement in Panama, and for each person, the reasons will be different.

Also, Panama retirement visas are easy to obtain.

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In this article we will tell you about the most popular places in Panama that are called home by expat friends.

Best place to live in Panama: Boquete

The charming mountain town of Boquete has been on the map of North American and European retirees for many years.

Boquete has a cool climate throughout the year (65-75 F) and for its size, interesting art, architecture and culture.

A vibrant retirement community where English is widely spoken, access to nature hikes and outdoor activities.

Boquete is located near the Costa Rican border in Panama’s western Chiriquí province and 45 minutes from David’s regional airport.

Valle de Antón.

It is located in a lush, cool and mountainous part of Panama.

Very close to the capital of Panama City.

This makes it ideal for retirees who need to travel a lot internationally, or those who enjoy regular trips to the capital.

It is a relatively small town with a lot of local culture to absorb and very reasonably priced real estate.

Best place to live in Panama for expats retirees: Coronado (Beach)

The sandy beach town of Coronado has long been the preferred location for Panamanians, tourists, and retirees.

Highly developed, with many amenities and access to both: beaches and mountain scenery.

Restaurants, shops, cinemas, supermarkets and small shopping malls.

It is located less than 1 hour from the capital city.

If what you are looking for is a Beach lifestyle, Coronado is the best option.


The small town of Pedasí is a beach lover’s paradise, with easy access to some of the most pristine coastlines in Panama.

It is very natural and peaceful.

It offers more than one kind of adventure “off the beaten path”, without giving up commodities such as good food, art and local culture.

Surrounded by vast nature reserves, is one of the most biodiverse areas in Panama.

Bocas del Toro

The archipelago of Bocas del Toro is the 2nd most popular tourist destination in Panama (behind the Panama Canal, Panama City).

The place retirees are calling it home.

It is the epitome of the tropical and Caribbean lifestyle.

So, if you are looking for privacy, Bocas is a great option to retire.

There is also a vibrant local and expat community to keep you entertained and socially active while you live there.

Panama City

This is one of the best places to consider moving and retiring if you are interested in Panama.

It offers some of the best lifestyles in the country.

This is a relatively compact city and offers almost everything from skyscrapers to suburban neighborhoods.

You’ll be able to find a variety of areas to consider here, whether you’re looking to be right in the middle of the action or further away from it.

It offers an incredible amount of restaurants and things to do.

The number of expats coming to this area is staggering, and it offers a fairly cosmopolitan lifestyle that you might be used to at home.

Along with this, the cost is quite affordable for the experience that you will be able to get.

While it won’t be the cheapest option available, the rent is reasonable and the overall cost of living is feasible.

It is well located and finding an apartment for around $1,000 should not be a problem.

Panama is a great place to consider moving and offers one of the best incentive packages for those who are willing to move and retire in the country.

So it makes sense to have it as one of your top options to consider when looking for places to move.

The economy is excellent and shows no signs of slowing down in the short term.

Therefore, it is the perfect time to move to Panama as it is one of the fastest growing and most diverse cities in Latin America.