Friendly Nations Visa

Facilities for Citizens of Specific Countries, With Economic or Professional Ties to Panama, They can apply for Their Residency in Panama.

Since 2011 Helping International Citizens in their Legal Migration to Panama with meticulous attention to every detail.

About the Friendly Nations Visa.

  • This permit will be granted in 2 stages.
  • A first stage that grants provisional residence of 2 years and a second stage, which grants permanent residence.
  • You can apply for this residence permit for work reasons when you are hired in a Panamanian company and for investment reasons when you own a real estate in Panama.

Common Requirements

Complete copy of the apostilled or authenticated passport
Certificate of criminal record of the country of origin or apostilled or authenticated residence (federal where applicable) valid for 6 months.
Certificate of good health issued in Panama
Payment of B/250.00 in favour of the National Treasury,
Payment of B/800.00 to the National Migration Service
Affidavit of personal history.
Three (3) passport size photographs.
Documentation that demonstrates the purpose of requiring your residence according to the economic or professional activity to be carried out. (for work purposes)

In case of having dependents you must provide:

Certification proving kinship either by marriage or birth certificate, as the case may be
letter of responsibility of the applicant towards his dependents.

Si el solicitante aplica con su cónyuge, adicionalmente se debe dar evidencia de US $ 250.00 adicionales en el ingreso mensual.

El cónyuge también tendrá que presentar todos los requisitos mencionados anteriormente, excepto la carta de ingresos.

El proceso permite ingresos conjuntos, en cuyo caso ambos cónyuges deben entonces presentar sus cartas de ingresos.

El Certificado de Matrimonio (válido solo por 6 meses) también se debe agregar a la solicitud.

All documents originating abroad must be presented Apostilled (with the Secretary of State), or authenticated at the Consulate of Panama in your country.

When the Reason for the Visa is Labor, the following documents are provided:

Letter of work from the employing company certifying the position, salary and commitment to assume the costs of repatriation, as the case may be.
Certificate from the Public Registry of Panama of the employer company.
Notice of Operations of the employer company.
For the approval of the residence permit, the work permit must be processed before the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development.

If you wish to apply for investment reasons you must provide:

  • Certificate from the Public Registry of Panama that proves the ownership of the immovable property in a personal capacity (or of a company – foundation etc)) of the applicant, and the minimum value of B/. 200,000.00 of the real estate, which may be financed through a local bank.

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