Private Interest Foundation

Protect your properties, accounts and investments with a Private Interest Foundation from third parties or entities.

Since 2011 Helping Local and International Clients in the Incorporation of Companies and Foundations in Panama.

About Private Interest Foundations in Panama.

Are legal entities with a similar structure to partnerships and trusts.

It consist of a founder, beneficiaries who are indicated in a private document and are widely used to plan the fate of the estate avoiding long and cost succession lawsuits.

Among the benefits of using a Private Interest Foundation are:

The foundation's assets are legally separated from the responsibilities of the founder and the Foundation Board.
It can buy property, be a shareholder and have other assets under your name.
It Can´t not commercial acts, which protects it from commercial responsibilities.
The beneficiaries are recorded in a private document.
It allows planning in the distribution of assets, which saves legal and judicial processes such as successions.

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