Tax Residency Certificate

Avoid double taxation and take advantage of the Panama tax system, so you can legally reduce taxes and grow your business.

Since 2012 Helping Business Owners and Professionals in legally reducing their taxes.

About the Certificate of Tax Residence.

It is applicable for people or companies from countries that have signed treaties with Panama to avoid double taxation.

This legal tool allows you to support your country of origin, that you are paying taxes in Panama.

It is part of the international strategy, through which you can legally exit the tax system of a country that collects high taxes, to a jurisdiction like Panama, with lower tax rates.

A company can prove its tax residence in Panama in two ways:

That it has means of direction and administration in the Republic of Panama
That has a current notice of operations,

An Individual must prove any of the following:

Economic interests in Panama, providing an original job letter from the employing company.
That he is an independent investor in Panama, providing tax returns in Panama and proving presence in the territory of Panama for more than 183 days, during a fiscal year or in the year immediately prior to the presentation.
That residency interests are maintained in Panama, through a deed of ownership or a lease contract and providing a bill for electricity, water, etc. in the name of the applicant.

Countries with which Panama has agreements:

South Korea
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
Czech Republic

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