Healthcare in Panama is premiun and very affordable compared to North America and Europe.

Panama City has many good dental clinics and four large hospitals that are affiliated with reputable American medical hospitals and offer first-class equipment and facilities.

In addition, there are several local insurance companies that provide health insurance coverage for as low as $ 50 a month.

There are health insurance plans that cover up to 80% to 100% for surgery, hospitalization, medications, and therapy.

General Documentation for Health Insurance Plans in Panama

  1. Application form
  2. Copy of passport, residence card or identity card
  3. Medical history Medical
  4. examination in Panama by one of your approved doctors. Men need a recent PSA test. Women need a recent mammogram. (Almost all policies require it).
  5. Proof of residence or that you live in the country for 10 months out of the year. (Not all companies require this)

Healthcare in Panama, is an expat´s experience in health matters.

In Panama it is not mandatory to have a health insurance plan, which means that people can pay for medical services without insurance.

This applies to public and private hospitals.

Most expats use the private system because it provides fast service.

Examples of costs:

  • A walk-in visit to a general practitioner can cost between $ 35 and $ 55,
  • while an appointment with a specialist can cost between $ 65 and $ 105.
  • Visiting a dentist can cost between $ 45 and $ 70 .
  • addition, many medications can be bought withoutprescription.

Some expatriates also use international medical insurance, it is important to check with your insurance company about the coverage they provide in Hospitals in Panama.

Hospitals Affiliated with US Medical Centers.

Paitilla Medical Center Located near Avenida Balboa, this hospital is affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic, where the two hospitals hold joint annual conferences in Panama.

This hospital boasts of having the best known Oncology Unit in Panama.

Clínica Hospital San Fernando Located on Vía España, this hospital has an “international office” that helps expatriates who are not familiar with Spanish.

San Fernando Hospital is affiliated with three reputable US hospitals: Miami Children’s Hospital, Baptist Health International of Miami, and Tulane University Health Services Center.

National Hospital Located just 3 blocks from Avenida Balboa, this hospital is managed by American Hospital Management Company, which is affiliated with Kendall Medical Center in Florida and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Hospital Punta Pacifica This hospital is considered the most technically advanced hospital in all of Latin America. They have state-of-the-art diagnostics. They offer advanced video conferencing that allows licensed physicians around the world to observe surgeries, view and analyze patient data.

This is the only hospital and medical center in the Caribbean and Latin America region affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International.

Johns Hopkins Medical Center is ranked the number one hospital in the US

I hope this article will be informative in making your decision about your next destination.