The Panama Pensionado Visa program has been very interesting for thousands of retirees, since they receive residency, complying with the presentation of evidence of a monthly and lifetime income, of at least $ 1,000.00 per month, or its equivalent in another currency.

Referred income must be in the form of a pension or retirement, from a government agency or from an authorized and regulated retirement agency or private company, for which such documentation must be provided.

Panama Pensionado Visa: Requirements

The general requirements to apply for the Retiree and Pensioner Visa are:

  • Five (5) passport size photos
  • Passport and the respective copy
  • Letter of retirement, from the government office, indicating the monthly income for life
  • Federal criminal records
  • Certificate of good health issued in Panama
  • Affidavit form, fully answered and signed
  • Proof of address in Panama, through the utility bill and rental contract.

If the applicant applies with his spouse, additionally, evidence of an additional US $ 250.00 in monthly income must be provided.

The spouse will also have to submit all the requirements mentioned above, except the income letter.

The process allows joint income, in which case both spouses must then present their income letters.

The Marriage Certificate (valid for 6 months only) must also be added to the application.

All documents originating abroad must be presented Apostilled (with the Secretary of State), or authenticated at the Consulate of Panama in your country.

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